A Change of Scenery

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We’re currently in Palm Springs getting the casa prepped for our upcoming pool party and I’m amazed at how different you can feel when you change your environment. I love LA but had been getting stressed to the nines for no good reason. A simple change of scenery and I feel brand new. Do you find that to be true, too? Perhaps it’s the body’s way of knowing it’s summer break!

What’s your ideal getaway for relaxing and recharging? Desert? Sea? City? Spa?

[Un-tourist scarves here]

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One thought on “A Change of Scenery

  1. Tamar Mashigian

    First of all, I love the “Un-tourist” scarves you shared. They’re delightful. As for a change of scenery and to re-charge, I could go for all of the above: desert, beach, mountains, spa or another city. My ideal getaway would be a long weekend in New York to see my friend Andrea Martin in “Pippin” (she won a Tony award Sunday night for her role). I would want to stay at a luxury hotel that is offering a special rate. The hotel is important as it would be part of the experience. My most recent indulgence was The Pierre, an old guard New York which was fairly recently renovated by new owners. When I entered the room there were 2 pair of slippers on floor cloths on either side of the bed. I immediately felt at home and relished the comfort of the comfy armchair and bed. The room had a comfortably large and well-appointed bath. I could probably spend hours in there. The service is amazing. The staff is ebullient, warmly greeting you in the public areas and making you feel special. And they’re very friendly on Twitter @ThePierreNY. I tweeted that I didn’t want to go and they tweeted right back to say, “we don’t want to see you go.” I can’t wait to go back to the Pierre and to New York for culture, excitement and some R&R!


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