5 Random Facts About Me + #PSILOVERED

Have you seen 5 Random Facts About Me going around on Instagram? My friend Sal tagged me so I thought I’d share my answers here. Plus, ask you to share the same! Here goes…


Random Fact #1: My first job was as a cashier at Piggly Wiggly in Sumter, South Carolina. The glamour! It’s actually one of my favorite jobs ever because I got to talk to people all day. Which doesn’t make a lot of sense with being an introvert (although I’m an extrovert according to the Myers-Briggs personality test). But if you watch this video about Introverts vs. Extroverts, I’m definitely an introvert. Anyway, it was a good way to meet all walks of life because everyone shops for groceries. For the record I made $4.25/hour.

Q. What was your first job? How much did you get paid?

Random Fact #2: My comfort food shows are Friends and Gilmore Girls. Fred Baby has a little PTSD when he sees me start on GG again, because I watched so much of it when I was sick, but I’ve watched it more times than I count. For the record, Fred Baby loves GG too. And Friends! It still holds up. We just finished Friends again as 2017 ended. Now what?!

Q. What are your comfort food shows?

Random Fact #3: I almost drowned several times as a kid, so the only water I enjoy now is my own pool, preferably on #SwannieGolightly, and in my bathtub. You will never find me at a waterpark or in a wavy ocean. Oh, and I also had a traumatic choking experience as a kid too, on those cinnamon chew candies (kind of like Mentos but not), and I was scared to eat for months after. I’d chew up my food and stealthily hide it in a napkin (which wasn’t too hard to do when we ate on TV trays). But one day at Pizza Hut, sitting across from my family in a booth, I couldn’t hide it anymore and broke down crying and confessed how I’d been “eating” for weeks. I think I got a lot of ice cream and mashed potatoes after that.

Q. Did you have any near-death experiences as a kid?


Random Fact #4: I only wash my hair about once every three weeks. Don’t judge! I bathe every day, sometimes twice a day, but my hair is dry, so does better when I don’t wash it often. It doesn’t get greasy either, so I don’t use dry shampoo, if you were wondering. And since I don’t work out, it never smells. Win-win!

Q. How often do you wash your hair?


Random Fact #5:  I love listening to podcasts. I think they’re the new blogs, which is funny since radio is about as old-timey as it gets as far as communication is concerned. But there are so many good podcasts out there. A few favorites: WTF with Marc Maron and How I Built This with Guy Raz. I’ll share more in a post soon!

Q. Do you listen to podcasts? If so, which are your favorite podcasts to listen to?

Frances Valentine Red Furry Bag in front of one of the most famous doors in Palm Springs.

Okay, I hope that didn’t horrify you! And I would love to know the answers to the Qs above or any random facts you’d care to share.

Let me know in the comments or on my last Instagram post:

What’s one random fact about you?

p.s. Yesterday was technically the kickoff of #PSILOVERED with this pink and red jumpsuit. Don’t you love the combo of pink and red? So Valentine’s Day — in a good way! Be sure to tag your red pics with #PSILOVERED on Instagram and I’ll share my favorites!

Fred Moser Photography


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4 thoughts on “5 Random Facts About Me + #PSILOVERED

  1. Ellie Durbin

    Omg are you from SC??? I’m from Charleston!
    To answer the fun fact questions …
    Q. What was your first job? How much did you get paid? I was a camp counselor at the community center and I think I got paid maybe 8.50 or so an hour full time for 8 weeks…added up to a lot as a 15 year old!
    Q. What are your comfort food shows? Definitely Friends and GG…also sometimes Sex and the City. I just finished Will and Grace from the beginning too!
    Q. Did you have any near-death experiences as a kid? No thank goodness!
    Q. How often do you wash your hair? Every 2-3 days otherwise it gets greasy.
    Q. Do you listen to podcasts? If so, which are your favorite podcasts to listen to? No, I can’t seem to get into them!

    1. Kelly Post author

      Hi Ellie!

      Loved reading your answers. That IS a lot of money for a $15 year old!

      SATC is my other comfort food show too. I might need to start from the beginning..again. 🙂

      I find podcasts perfect for when I’m getting ready…or if I’m editing photos. If you have a commute, they would be good then as well. I’m obsessed!

    2. Kelly Post author

      Oh and I’m not originally from SC, but lived there for 4.5 years (Air Force brat!). Sadly never got to spend much time in Charleston, but I’d love to go there now. All of those pretty pastel buildings!

  2. rubysmusings

    So answers to your questions…
    First paying job, other than babysitting was at a dress shop, and I earned 6.00 per hour
    Comfort food shows…
    Gilmore Girls, Grace and Frankie, Call the Midwife and so many other British shows. Anne of Green Gables , Audrey in Funny Face and other period films
    Near Death
    Nearly drowned as a toddler from larger kid sitting on me at kiddy pool at park , nearly hit by a car in an alley, and was forced up onto a fence …yes the driver was trying. I was 9. Choking on a fish bone as a teen…still hate fish.
    I wash my hair 2 to 3x ….side note my great uncle never washed his hair and neither did my great grandmother…never oily and did not smell.
    Finally I don’t listen to pod casts


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