15+ Valentine’s Day Gifts for You & Yours (Okay, Mostly for You)

unique valentines day gifts


I’ve shared My 10 Favorite Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas. Here are 15 more lovely gifts for you and yours (okay, mostly for you!).


1. Bow Bandeau Set

2. Sweet Wood Sign

3. Hidden Message Tie Clip

4. Say Yes “Mrs” Studs

5. Bow Belt



unique valentines day gifts



1. Porcelain Lace Cups

2. Love Sign

3. Personalized Home Is…Wall Art

4. Spooning Print



unique valentines day gifts



1. Loved Tee

2. I Kissed a Frog Multi Clutch

3. Sailor’s Knot Hinge Bangle

4. I Married an Adventure Clutch

5. Play Hooky Bracelet

6. Love Bunnies Ring Holder

7. Boo Necklace



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